Pairing guidelines: how to match men’s socks with pants and shoes

For those of you who wants to use the sock as an additional distinctive detail, there are a few tips that we would like to give you. The sock enriches your bottom and unlike the pocket square, do not create a nice contrast, but must fit in harmoniously between the pants and shoes.

You can then use a “tone on tone a solution” in respect of trousers or shoes. Make sure that the color choice is always sufficiently lighter or darker to note the difference. Or, though certainly more risky in business environments, you can opt for vivid colors that really stand out on the rest of clothing: a typical example is the purple or light blue socks, and if you feel in the mood, even red and yellow. Please note that a good match with these two colors requires experience and a proper physique du role.

Socks with geometric patterns are more suitable for leisure, with a nice spezzato, since they have the added difficulty of combining a larger number of color. In this case it is necessary to consider the color of the jacket, and to choose socks that match the color of the jacket in their dominant color, and the color of pants with their secondary color. In both cases with tone-on-tone mode.