Mandarin Collar Shirt: Cool Oriental Style for Your Dress Shirt

Casual, yet elegant. You can easily wear a Mandarin collar shirt under your blue/gray/havana suit jacket, or you can match it to a pair of shorts while you’re having a drink on the beach.

Whatever the occasion, whatever the color, from a denim blue to a simple white, a Mandarin collar for a custom dress shirt is definitely one of the essential pieces of summer male wardrobe. The easiest way to brave the heat without sacrificing a single therm of style.

Mandarin Collar shirt
Mandarin Collar style

As the name suggests, the style derives its Western name from the gowns worn by Mandarins in Imperial China, but a similar style known as the Nehru collar is also found in some modern Indian men’s clothing. It’s essentially a slimmer collar band, without a collar or fold blade to the collar.

The length along a Mandarin collar is straight with rounded edges at top of the center front, the edges overlap slightly and end just above the bottom of your neck with a simple button fastening. It’s a pretty versatile option, with the ability to be worn formally or incorporated into more casual designs.

Summer business casual

Mandarin Collar

Light Blue Denim Zephyr Cotton Shirt

A simple white, denim or light blue Mandarin shirt just adds a point of difference to your look if you’re going for a business outfit. The only issue with this summer shirt is about materials. Linen wrinkles easily, so if you’re looking for a crisp formal shirt, it might be better to stick to a cotton number instead. 

Summer leisure

Mandarin Collar

Light Blue Stripe Pure Linen Shirt

The ideal fabric for more casual affairs where comfort and a loose, cool look is key. Linen is one of those fabric that’s just made for summer: lightweight, crisp and breathable, it’s perfect for shirts as it keeps you cool, while being sturdy enough to hold its shape. The colours? Light blue, white, pink, with stripes or micro designs.