Men’s wool suits in summer? learn why wool is a perfect summer fabric

Still believing it’s too hot to wear a wool suit? We’ll try to make you change your mind. Even if you’ve always associated it with cooler temperatures and winter sweaters, thanks to its 100% natural properties, wool is one of the unbeatable summer fabrics.

Merino wool: four season fabric

Merino wool, even more than other types of wool, is excellent at regulating body temperature, especially when worn against the skin. It provides some warmth, without overheating you and draws moisture away from the skin, a phenomenon known as wicking, which results in helping you stay comfortable whether it be in warm or cold conditions.

Thinner than common wool fibers, it has generally a diameter of 20 microns, or less. These particular features, in addition to the other qualities of common wools, make it a great summer fiber, ideal for the manufacture of men’s custom suits.

Merino wool, in fact, is a wrinkle-resistant yet extremely lightweight fabric, that can also be worn in warmer seasons. A stylish travel-friendly fabric, great for summer days and business trips.

Fresco wool

Great Italian textile companies have invested in research and have redesigned and perfected wool fabrics, transforming them into something lighter yet more durable. Something like the fresco wool (AKA fresco lana) fabric, an ultra breathable very light wool fabric between 230-255 g.

More fresh than cotton and softer than linen, tailored wool suits are certainly a great alternative when it comes to build your own summer wardrobe. Available in solid colors, in classic patterns like the Prince of Wales, or with modern pattern as the Microdesign, men’s fresco wool suits are synonymous with elegance.