Back to work: Italia’s got business

The era of the uniform exclusively made of jacket and tie is over by now. There was a time in wich the “back to work” attire was composed by a double breasted suit combined with a white shirt , starched collar and a simple tie, fortunatly nowadays the concept of formality has become more easy. Young business men that once used to wear austere outfits to show off their determination to reach success are nowadays freer in their choices. The new business dress-code has evolved together with elegance going through the influences of new style icons and of contemporary fashion.

White Pois Shirt

The shirt can be replaced by a pullover and in creative working places it can be replaced by a t-shirt. A button down collar or a club is allowed and if you’re willing to dare you can opt for a coloured fabric or a microfantasy.

The double-breasted jacket alternated with the two buttons suit reamins an all time classic and it can be reinterpreted with spezzato. It is considered a casual look not appropriate for corporate but still chic. In other words, jackets with original shapes and thinner, a few centimeters shorter to wear with a cool attitude.

Dark Blue Birdseye
Dark Blue Birdseye Suit

The new office style adds to gray,  blue and solid colors also micro fantasy fabrics and the renovation of classic patterns with new colors and fabrics. The general impression is that of a more spontaneous style.The new  fabric weights that are nowadays lighter makes it easier to layer everyday garments and give men the flexibility and self esteem required to create a personal style.

The liberty of expressing yourself is part of the creative spirit of Lanieri’s new Fall/Winter 2015 collection.