Ambassador is a programme with which Lanieri intends to reward its most loyal customers and spread the word among devotees of Italian Made-To-Measure elegance.
All Lanieri customers who reach a total of €500.000 through on-line or in-store purchases can create their own Ambassador code and share it with friends: new customers who use the code will be entitled to a discount on their first purchase, while the Ambassador code holder will start accumulating credits.

For the Ambassador

  1. The code can be created after making a minimum of €500.00 through purchases on-line or in Lanieri stores, including multiple orders;
  2. Every time the code is used by new customers for their first purchase, a credit of €30.00 is generated in the code holder’s wallet;
  3. The maximum credit limit is €2,000.00;
  4. Each credit, generated from the first purchase of each new customer is valid for 365 days;
  5. You can view your total Ambassador credit at any time in the AMBASSADOR area of your account;
  6. Ambassador credit can only be accumulated on lump sum purchases: by inserting the Wallet code at checkout, the cart will be discounted of the entire Ambassador credit available;
  7. Ambassador codes are personal, univocal and strictly linked to the individual account of each customer;
  8. Any non-compliant use of the Ambassador code will determine the deactivation of the code. 

For new customers

  1. The Ambassador code, entered in the check-out stage, generates a €50.00 discount and is only valid on the first purchase when you spend a minimum of €300.00;
  2. Any customer can become an Ambassador on reaching €500.00 spending history on-line or in the Lanieri store;
  3. Ambassador codes can only be applied on purchases of the same currency. E.g. a 500,00 euro order, will generate an Ambassador code which will only be applicable to a first-time, euro purchase;
  4. In case of new client non-compliant use of the Ambassador code, Lancieri’s Customer Care reserves the right to ascertain the violation and eventually hold the application of the discount.