Ambassador is a programme designed by Lanieri to reward its most loyal customers and spread the word among devotees of Italian Made-To-Measure elegance.
All Lanieri customers who reach a total of €500.00 through on-line or in-store purchases can create their own Ambassador code and share it with friends: new customers who use the code will be entitled to a discount on their first purchase, while the Ambassador code holder will start accumulating credits.

For the Ambassador

  1. The Ambassador code can be created after accumulating a minimum of €500.00 through purchases on-line or in Lanieri stores, including multiple orders;
  2. The Ambassador code is generated in the same currency as the one used to place the orders. In the event of different currencies, the code will be generated for the currency that first reaches the eligibility requirements;
  3. The Ambassador code is personal, unique and strictly linked to the individual use of each customer;
  4. Every time the Ambassador code is used by new customers for their first purchase, a credit of €50.00 is generated and accumulated in the code holder’s wallet;
  5. Each credit generated by the first purchase of all new customers will be valid for 365 days;
  6. The maximum accumulated credit allowed for the wallet code is €2,000.00;
  7. You can view the total value of your wallet code at any time in the Ambassador area of your account.
  8. The accumulated credit can only be used for each purchase in a single payment by entering the wallet code in the ‘promotional code’ field during checkout. The wallet code cannot be combined with other promotional codes and catalogue discounts.

For new customers

  1. The Ambassador code, entered in the checkout stage, generates a €50.00 discount and is only valid on the first purchase when you spend a minimum of €300.00 on-line and in-store. It cannot be combined with other promotional codes and catalogue discounts.
  2. The Ambassador code can only be applied to orders in the same currency for which it was generated. For example, an Ambassador code activated by purchases for €500.00 will only be valid for a first purchase in euros;
  3. If the Ambassador code is not used in accordance with the rules by a new customer, Lanieri Customer Care reserves the right to verify that it is being correctly used and to suspend the application of the discount, where applicable.


All uses of the Ambassador code and wallet code that do not comply with the rules may lead to the code being disabled.