What to wear when working from home

Everyone’s business routine has changed a lot, lately, and the long-standing question: “What am I going to wear at work?” is now outdated. Or is it? 

True: commute, meetings, and social pleasantries have been put in stand-by mode by the #stayhome measures following Covid-19 outbreaks all over the world. However, what to wear when working from home is still a question that needs an answer.

Since staying home is mandatory, “working from home” is the operative word. We are facing different challenges: keep on living our daily lives, staying calm and positive although the situation is frustrating, and at the same time maintain our business mindset, in order to be productive and successful even in this new context.

Here are a few tips for you to be your usual, stylish self when working from home at the time of Covid-19.

Say ‘no’ to a formal attire

No one expects you to wear a three-piece pinstripe suit when you work from home. Of that, you can be sure. This particular context doesn’t require formal wear, however it is of utmost importance to make a clear distinction between “home” time and “business” time, because what you wear plays a role in your ability to stay focused.

Before you sit at your desk, take a minute to look at yourself in the mirror. Do you look like you’re on holiday? If the answer’s ‘yes’, go back to your closet. 

The passepartout shirt

Saying ‘no’ to a classical attire doesn’t mean we can say ‘no’ to shirts. Your new most important item for working from home is indeed the shirt. No matter if you spend your days on calls, in chats, on Slack or Skype, or sending e-mails.

It makes no difference. Wearing a custom-tailored shirt that’s been properly cleaned and ironed will boost your confidence and help you make the most of this experience.

Tracksuit: yay or nay?

We know: it is a huge temptation. Working from home in a tracksuit (or in your pyjamas) makes you feel comfortable, but you actually need to avoid wallowing in the comfort zone.

It is crucial to stay focused, and to not make the mistake of giving in to idleness or the temptation of a nap. So say ‘no’ to pyjamas and tracksuit, but also to some hybrid solution where homewear items and formal suits are mixed.  

The blazer, aka: the video-call saver

Despite isolation, when you’re working from home you still have to do with other people, although at a distance. What’s your best option in case of a video-call, a sudden meeting via Skype, or a video-conference? No doubt about that: the blazer, or a pull jacket, that is a blazer’s softer alternative. Wear it loose, on a light blue or white shirt, and don’t forget your pocket square!

Instead of a t-shirt

Are you really sure you can’t help wearing a comfy t-shirt? A polo shirt is a great alternative: it looks better in a business context, and it’s just as comfortable as a t-shirt. A long-sleeved one will be perfect for a colder day. Wear it on cotton trousers and pull jacket.

A short-sleeved one will look great on linen chinos. A polo shirt is a multi-purpose item of clothing: perfect in the current circumstance, it will also find a place in your summer wardrobe, when you’ll finally be able to wear it outside.

Around you

Your look is important, but it’s not the only thing that matters when you work from home. Take a look around and find a clean and tidy spot, where you can work and feel comfortable making video-calls.

This will be good for both your attitude and your reputation. When you’re in a video-call, try and look neat, and don’t forget about those small things – such as your watch or the pocket square – which are the telltale sign of your attention to detail.

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