Spring Summer 2024


Tailored To Your Business

A collection that innovates that which is timeless, where a formal suit becomes
a symbolic space for genuine personal expression. Made-to-measure.

of Style

The search for a new space that allows self-expression while rediscovering a collective style code that resonates with your identity and sense of belonging. The Spring Summer 2024 collection by Lanieri perfectly caters to the contemporary man's needs, offering made-to-measure solutions free from strict tailoring conventions. It becomes a means to seek, experiment, and affirm one's identity.

Unique Details

The collection sheds new light on timeless elegance, presenting a classic style that finds renewed sustenance precisely because it is nourished by personal creativity, open to individual interpretation.The formal made-to-measure suit thus becomes a personal affair, an interactive sphere where every meticulously selected detail speaks of us—our style, our personality.