All our double-breasted vests are made with 6 buttons and can be customized with a shawl collar or a classic notched one.
Double-breasted notched lapel : particularly suitable for complete three formal pieces, to be made with the same fabric as the suit.
Double-breasted shawl lapel : for ceremonies, made using a different and contrasting fabric compared to the suit, and to be worn under a jacket with peak lapel.

Construction double-breasted or single-breasted

Sartorial cut and minimal style. Our waistcoats are available in single-breasted or double-breasted version, with a satin rear in the colour of your choice, to be customized according to the occasion.

Lacing and buttons

If you choose a single-breasted vest, you can customize it with a 3, 4 or 5 button fastening, depending on the level of formality you want.
3 buttons : the most informal and sporty vest, to be worn even without a jacket for a casual look
4 buttons : the best choice to wear under a 2 button jacket.
5 buttons : the more formal single-breasted vest, it can be used with a 2 or 3 button jacket.
Select your favorite button type from more than 12 options.


All of our men’s waistcoats are finished with two small, yet practical front pockets to embellish the design.
An additional touch of style.

Rear buckle

We want your made-to-measure waistcoat to fit you perfectly; so we have added a small buckle at the rear to allow you to adjust the fit when necessary.

Lanieri waistcoat is an evergreen of men’s fashion, to be combined with many different attires: formal office suits, graduation suits or wedding suits.
Read the guide and discover more about our men’s waistcoats.