Comfort and fit exactly where and when it is needed. The perfect wearability of our tailored jackets is also obtained thanks to the special natural canvas that extends from the shoulder down through the chest. This construction, known as half-canvassing, provides the garment with a better fit and makes it more comfortable to wear.


Made by hand by inserting ultra-light padding where the sleeve is attached, puckered Neapolitan shoulders provide the upper part of the jacket with more shape and structure. That artisan touch that provides each and every tailor-made suit with true sartorial style.


Working sleeve vents and real buttonholes. Two details solely synonymous with quality men’s suits.
To be customised with the buttons of your choice.


You can customise your suit jacket with your preferred details, but there is one feature that we have chosen to forever keep the same.
All of our formal jackets have a left Neapolitan breast pocket, which is shaped like a small boat.

Internal waistband extension

Looking for a sustained well-defined line? The internal waistband extension has it covered! The button+hook fabric system sown internally into the front of our tailored trousers, precisely above the flap, keeps the fabric taught for an impeccable structure all day long.

Sartorial waistband split

As small as it is indispensable. Often mistaken as a manufacturing error, the sartorial waistband split is a piece of sartorial foresight developed by tailors over the years and is indispensable to increase the level of comfort and wearability of the trousers, whilst also preventing tearing.

Made in Italy by expert craftsmen, the Lanieri made-to-measure suits are of excellent quality, made with exquisite Italian fabrics that are comfortable as well as durable.
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