The seam with more than 7 stitches per centimetre and the small fabric pentagons applied to the sides known as gussets, are synonymous with quality manufacturing and prevent your made-to-measure shirt from tearing.


The collar of a shirt is the most visible part when worn with a jacket, so it should come as no surprise that this detail determines the formality and style of your entire look. It is available in the following models:
Straight point: it’s the narrowest and most traditional one. Versatile, more formal, it is perfect if combined with small and medium tie knots. Its narrow and elongated tips also have a visually slimming effect which makes it particularly suitable for round faces and shorter necks. The collar tips are 7.5 cm long.
Semi Spread: it has a classic style but with a less stiff look. Very similar to the straight point, it has a slightly greater width between the tips. It is the best choice for tall people with longer necks or for those who simply like to wear ties. The collar tips are 7.5 cm long.
Cutaway: it’s the one with the shortest and most open points. Synonymous with contemporary refinement, its extreme breadth leaves a lot of space around the tie, making it less appropriate for more formal and traditional work contexts. The sails of the neck are 7.5 cm long.
Spread: you don’t have a specific need, but you want something with a modern and elegant design? The Spread collar is an excellent alternative. Not too big, not too tight, and with a structure that harmonizes most proportions, this collar is a good middle ground. The collar point are 7.5 cm long.
Long Button-down: less formal than the other collars, the button-down collar was invented in the United States in the mid-fifties. Originally used only for sportswear, it is now an expression of a more casual style, but also suitable for young or informal business looks. The collar points are 9.5 cm long.
Short Button-down: thanks to its short length, the short button-down collar has a particularly casual and young look. A medium-sized collar, a perfect combination of a modern line and a classic chic style. The collar points are 8 cm long.
Club: exclusive and surprisingly versatile. The club collar is more suitable for men with an elongated face, and goes well with thin ties or simply worn open. The collar points are 6.5 cm long.
Band: it’s a collar with a unique and recognizable shape. Its versatility makes it suitable for both elegant and more informal situations. The collar is 3.5 cm long.
Wingtip: collar suitable for particularly formal and elegant occasions, such as ceremonies and gala evenings. The collar points are 5 cm long.
All Lanieri collars (with the exception of the club, band and wingtip collars) are equipped with removable collar stays to keep the shape of the points and stop them from lifting throughout the day.


They barely emerge from your jacket sleeve, no more than a centimetre and a half of fabric. And yet in terms of style, they can really make the difference. Cuffs are one of those small details that can render a custom-made shirt truly fitting for a certain look or occasion. Customise your tailored shirt by choosing between 7 different cuff patterns, suitable for cufflinks or buttons.
Angled: the most common cuff for a versatile shirt, associated with a classic collar.
Rounded: cuff with a refined design, suitable for the most elegant shirts.
Straight: the rectangular cuff is very versatile and particularly suitable for everyday shirts.
French: square cuff to be completed with the cufflinks. Recommended for the most formal and elegant occasions.
Rounded French: classic design cuff to complement with cufflinks. Recommended for the most formal and elegant occasions.
Double French: classic design double cuff to be completed with cufflinks. Recommended for the most formal and elegant occasions.
Double Rounded French: double round cuff to be completed with cufflinks. Recommended for the most formal and elegant occasions.
In addition, you can customize the width of your right or left cuff to wear the watch more comfortably.


White or black with a thickness of 2 or 4 millimetres, in mother-of-pearl or polyester, you can customize your new shirt with the buttons you prefer and choose the colour of the button thread. The traditional lily stitching is one of those details that add a touch of refinement to the garment.


You can choose between four different types of the placket for your shirt:
None: the absence of the placket is indicated for the most elegant shirts.
Standard: the visible placket is suitable for more sporty and informal shirts.
Hidden buttons: suitable choice for tuxedo shirts.
Popover: The short placket, and not through the entire front of the shirt, makes the garment less formal, ideal for informal occasions.


Choose whether to add a round or pointed pocket for a more casual shirt or no pocket for a more elegant garment.


The embroidery gives an elegant touch of personality to the shirt. You can choose where to place up to 6 digits: medium bust (about at navel height), low bust ( just below the navel), on the left cuff or on the right cuff.
Finally, choose the colour of the thread that will be used to sew your embroidery.

Made with care in Italy, Lanieri made-to-measure shirts are a versatile garment that is must have to every man, regardless of their age and profession.
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