The special construction with shirt-shoulders provides the sports jacket with a softer and more natural fit, which follows the natural shape of the shoulders.
For a more spontaneous form of elegance.


Lightweight and comfortable for a casual yet elegant look. The unstructured and unlined construction without epaulettes make our men’s blazer the perfect garment for less formal wear. To be worn with contrasting trousers for a mismatched look to customise according to your style.


Working sleeve vents and real buttonholes. Two details solely synonymous with quality blazers. To be customised with the buttons of your choice.


You can customise your blazer with the details of your choice, but there is one feature that we have chosen to forever keep the same.
All of our blazers have a left Neapolitan breast pocket, which is shaped like a small boat.

All Lanieri blazers are entirely made in Italy with durable and splendid fabrics. They are ideal for your office wardrobe and for the weekend getaways.
Read the guide and discover more about our tailored men’s blazers.