Mens Dress Shirt Styles

It is certainly not a modern invention, and it has started to intrigue gentlemen since style icons like Gianni Agnelli (and now his grandson Lapo) showed the world that everyone could easily wear it stylishly. We are now used to see shirts combined in different outfits, for which it becomes extremely important to find the style that fits us better.

Gianni Agnelli

Let’s start from the basics: the size. There was a time, not that long ago, in which shirts were always unbuttoned and skinny (so many examples on talent shows as X Factor). Definitely not the best choice. So, when in doubt, a little too loose is better than a little too tight.

A very important choice regards the collar, which’s height, stiffness and closing point denote the level of formality. A high collar, symbol of royalty, is barely used nowadays, except by those who have built up a strong image as Karl Lagerfeld. A button down collar could be informal, as it is commonly associated with polo players (the buttons prevented the fluttering of tips during polo games) and sport events.

Karl Lagerfeld

One of the elements that should be chosen with care is the sleeve. Let’s start by saying that it would be better to wear a short sleeve only during exceptionally situations, may be with a funny dress code. in this case try an eccentric fantasy or a fabric type as Madras. However, when wearing a classic shirt, a half inch of its cuff should show below your jacket sleeve. The cuff may have one or two buttons, or, in its more formal variation it could be closed with single or double cufflinks.


The embroidery was born as sign of distinction in particular contexts (large groups, colleges, schools, etc …) but it has become an aesthetic whim. Especially in this case, showing off is the wrong choice.  Put your embroidery on the left side, halfway between the chest and waist.

Last but not least, the color. White is certainly the most versatile; as in summer it gives a touch of  freshness – especially when paired with jackets and pants in pastel light colors- without giving up its renowned title for being the color of elegance. You can play with a white shirt as Kanye West does, combining it with casual accessories. Patterns (stripes, checks..) must be selected with care to avoid the kaleidoscopic effect; they give a sporty touch. The denim fabric is a versatile fabric too, but just for informal looks.

lapo 01

A real gift for every wardrobe (and therefore for themselves) is definitely a tailored shirt, perfectly fitted and customizable in every single detail. On Mens bespoke shirts section on you can enjoy to create a shirt starting from the fabric and then choosing your favourite collar, cuff, pocket and, if you want, embroidery position.