Office attire: top 5 most beloved shirts

Office Men's Shirts

We’ve asked our most experienced Style Advisors, we’ve asked our aficionados. What are those shirts that men love to wear when they are in the office? Here are our top 5, here are the 5 shirts every man should own when it comes to business affairs.

Nº5 – The striped

Men's stripe shirts

The classic striped design once considered excessively sporty, today it is allowed in smart casual business contexts as alternative to classic solid blue or white shirts. Anything goes? Definitely not.

Forbidden, horizontal and oblique lines, and improbable contrasting collars. Width of the lines at the discretion of every man, provided always that they can be defined as “stripes” and not as “bands”.

Comfort Blue Striped Shirt

Three-in-one. Classic, comfortable and easy to iron. Our Comfort Blue Stripe shirt is perfect for everyday wear. Made with a special ultra-comfortable 100% Made in Italy stretch fabric. The perfect striped pattern for your desk-to-dinner looks.

Weight 160 g/m

Fineness 70/1

Nº4 – The formal

Men's classic shirts

Whether it’s an interview, an important meeting or a ceremony, perhaps the last thing you want before a formal occasion is to think of your outfit. You just want to look elegant without being ostentatious, isn’t it? It’s easier than you think.

What you need is something classic, traditional, with a strong weave, so that the shirt maintains the shape for a long time. An Italian collar, suitable for ties. French cuff to be worn with cufflinks, if you own a pair you like. Strictly no pocket.

White Egyptian Shirt 

The finest of Egyptian cottons renders even the most simple and classic of shirts truly sophisticated. Our White Egyptian shirt is made with Dobby fabric, embellished by geometric motifs created using a special loom that lifts and lowers the warp threads individually. An additional tone-on-tone detail for an additional touch of elegance.

Weight 185 g/m

Fineness 120/2

Nº3 – The five out of seven

Men's office shirts

Not exactly sensitive to cold? Don’t love heavy, stiff fabrics? Do you get nervous when you wear stiff shirts with time to look like cardboard? Don’t want to spend more than 8 seconds per morning to choose the right shirt? Oh well, you’re in good company.

Go for a white shirt. Choose an ultra-light 2-ply one. Make sure it’s not transparent.

Finissimo White Shirt

Super fine yet incredibly strong. Our Finissimo White shirt is made with special double twisted yarn, making it incredibly lightweight without being sheer. Discover the delight of a garment made with hand-harvested prestigious cotton fibres, for an extra-luxurious touch ideal for everyday wear.

Weight 120 g/m

Fineness 160/2

Nº2 – The Fridays

Men's denim shirts

The last day of the week everything is permitted. Not exactly. Nowadays everyone seems to talk about Casual Friday, and some start-ups have extended it to all other days of the week. What is important is not to be caught unprepared.

Color? Blue. Denim? Better. No white, checkered yes, no extravagant pattern. Button-down collar is a great choice, club collar is for more creative spirits. Attitude: spontaneous yet rigorous.

Denim Light-blue Shirt

100% denim 100% cool. An extremely strong, soft cotton fabric, perfectly suited to your dynamic everyday lifestyle. A natural and modern look to be teamed with your most casual workwear or worn in your free time.

Weight 185 g/m

Fineness 24/1

Nº1 – The One

Men's office shirts

We all have that one shirt. The favorite one. The one that, no matter the occasion, we choose without thinking. It is the right shirt: it fits us perfectly, it’s comfortable to wear, it’s versatile, and can be easily combined to all our clothes in the wardrobe. We all have it, or rather, we should all have it. If not, here is some advice on how to choose it.

It’s definitely natural stretch. Synthetic fibers are prohibited. They make shirts shiny after ironing and, let’s face it, after a couple of hours synthetic shirts emanate a not so pleasant smell. It’s definitely blue. Whatever may be said blue color, over white, is the business and young color par excellence. Choose it with a collar suitable for ties, a collar you can also wear after work. Try the Semi Italian.

Natural Stretch Light Blue

Natural stretch and easy-iron. A 100% natural fabric that makes use of the elastic properties of cotton. Comfortable, versatile and easy to iron. Our Natural Stretch Light Blue shirt features a twill weave characterised by a special diagonal pattern that makes it the perfect addition to your workwear wardrobe.

Weight 197 g/m

Fineness 100/2