Lanieri New Collection FW 2019 – 2020 “Italian Hollywood”

The path started with “The Italian Entryway” — the S / S 2019 collection — continues. Claudio Nobili perseveres his research in the major arts, focusing on a different art form: cinema.

In fact, the communication campaign and the stylistic proposals draw from the legacy left by the “Hollywood on the Tiber” — the Cinecittà Studio that, from 1950 to 1969, experienced an extraordinary season, transforming Rome into the driving force of world cinema.

The comparison is immediate: Lanieri stages the film of an Italian fashion but contaminated by international influences, without ever losing its stylistic code.

The setting chosen for the new campaign is one of Milan’s spaces/key symbols: the Theatre Filodrammatici. A cinema in 1936, restored in the 1960s by the architect Caccia Dominioni. The reconstruction of the liberty façade and the new interior design are the setting in which the new Lanieri F / W ’19 collection comes to life.

In this space, Lanieri tells us about its man. The changes in look of the protagonist — whose outfits alternate velvet dresses with more formal suits — show us a character who is both actor and director of his own life, and consequently the creator of his own style: impeccably interpreted and masterfully directed.

Lanieri’s tale of creativity translates into garments characterised by disengaged elegance, in which the need to demonstrate at any cost leaves room for personal expression. Even the most formal models in the collection are lightened by fabrics, prints, and special materials that accentuate eccentricity.

The colors are strong and distinctive: from full green to vermilion red, passing from mustard to daring purple, the collection never ceases to amaze. It unhinges the rules of classic winter garments with floral patterns.

If the colors are bright, it is the choice in fabrics that mitigate the look, maintain an allure dedicated to sobriety and elegance — even though revisited.

The only glossy effect is guaranteed by the velvet, which makes its appearance throughout collection. In particular, the wool and velvet shirts are pieces that can surprise from an aesthetic point of view, but also lend themselves to the winter season thanks to the properties of the fabrics: the velvet models are suitable for urban choices and suit informal combinations — e.i. a turtleneck — while those in wool keep warm, can be easily ironed, and have anti wrinkle qualities: perfect for the office.

A further exploration led to the choice of a valuable material: merino wool. Here, it is used in an innovative way, impeccably catering to the needs of the business world. Patterns find their highlight in the pocket handkerchiefs, geometric and unexpected, whether contrasting or tone-on-tone.

A modern collection brings together the intuitions of the future and the trends of the past, in a subtle dynamism, and highlights a well-rounded man who knows how to discern the moment in which to be proud protagonist from that in which it is necessary take distance, change point of view, and give life to a masterpiece: one’s life, one’s inimitable way of being.

“We must not let a film end with its end: we must ensure that it extends outside of itself, right where we are, where we live — we who are the true protagonists of all stories.”

Michelangelo Antonioni